Son Gohan (Son Gohan)

Race: Earthling (Human)
Gender: Male
Grandson: Son Goku
Masters: Master Roshi
Companions: Ox King
Students: Son Goku

Son Gohan lived alone on Mount Pazou until one day he found a small boy with a tail. He named the boy Son Goku and raised him as his grandson, training him in the martial arts. He use to be a student of Master Roshi and trained along side the Ox King. He passed on the Power Pole and four star dragon ball to Goku. One night Goku went out to use the bathroom and looked at the Moon. Son Gohan warned Goku of a giant monster that comes out when the Moon is full and told Goku never to look at the full moon. This triggered Goku turning into a giant monkey and destroyed their house and stepped on, killing, Son Gohan.