King Gurumes (King Gurumes)

King Gurumes monsterous form
Race: Earthling (Human)
Gender: Male
King Gurumes human form

King Gurumes is the King who has been corrupted by the blood rubies. He is seen in a monstrous form through most of the movie. Desperately searching for the dragon balls to get rid of his unending hunger. He has been cursed with a hunger that can only be satified by more and more delicious food. By the time we see the king he is starving because none of the food will satify him. He is tearing about the land to get all of the blood rubies which he is using to fund the search for the dragon balls. At the end of the movie when all the blood rubies have been removed from the land King Gurumes has been returned to a normal human and his hunger is satified by a simple apple.