Episode 1

The Secret of the Dragon Balls
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  • ブルマと孫悟空
  • The Secret of the Dragon Balls
  • Summary

    The episode begins with the introduction of Son Goku, a young boy with a monkey tail, that lives alone in the mountains. Then we are introduced to Bulma, a young women that is in search of the dragon balls. Bulma runs into Goku, literally. Goku throws her car in retaliation and a scared Bulma shoots Goku. However, Goku is only minorly hurt by this and is ready to fight. Bulma surrenders and corrects the misunderstanding. Goku learning that Bulma is a girl remembers that his grandfather taught him to be nice to girls, so he invites Bulma to his house for launch. At the house Bulma sees Goku's dragon ball and tries to take it. But Goku won't let her, since it was a momento from his late grandpa. Bulma explains what the dragon balls are to Goku. At the same time we are introduced to Emperor Pilaf, Mai and Shu finding a dragon ball. Mai explains how the dragon balls work to Emperor Pilaf. Bulma convinces Goku to join her on her journey to collect the dragon balls in the hope to use his dragon ball once she has collected the rest of the balls. Bulma and Goku set off towards the next dragon ball. Bulma stops to use the bathroom and is snatched by a pterodactyl. Goku defeats the pterodactyl and saves Bulma.


    *Son Goku
    *Emperor Pilaf