Episode 13

The Legend of Goku
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  • 悟空の大変身
  • The Legend of Goku
  • Goku rages out of control destroy the castle while Yamcha, Bulma, Oolong, and Puar try to get awake. Mai, Shu, and eventually Pilaf wake up and decide to flee. Pilad and his gang take off in their plane, but Pilaf is so upset that Goku is destroying his castle he orders Mai to turn back and attack. THe machine gun fire is complete ineffective, so they launch a missile which seems to kill Goku. Meanwhile, Yamcha has to over come his fear of women to pick up Bulma and the others, after Bulma falls and hurts her leg. When Goku is taken down our heroes are shocked and horrified, while Pilaf celerbrates his defeat. Pilaf jumping up and down on Goku's tail wakes him up and starts the rampage again. Pilaf and the gang flee to their plane, and Goku throws part of the castle at the plane knocking it out of the sky. Some rubble falls on Bulma trapping her. The rest of the group tries to free her when Goku picks her up. Yamcha remembers that Goku has a weakness in his tail. Yamcha, Oolong, and Puar grab his tail and calm him down. Yamcha tells Puar to cut off his tail which turns him back to normal. Yamcha and Bulma decide to start dating, not needing the dragon balls. Goku is going to go to Master Roshi's to train, while the rest of them are going back to the city.


    Son Goku
    Emperor Pilaf