Episode 15

Look Out for Launch
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Goku and Krillin are out on the lookout for a girl for Master Roshi. Meanwhile else where in a saloon, bounty hunters are waiting for a female robber, Launch, when a dark blue haired girl walks-in. When the dust blows up and she sneezes changing her in to the blonde haired Launch. Her personality changes completely. She shoots up the saloon and heads out to rob a train. The train conductor calls the police. The police chase after Launch until she sneezes and crashes becoming confused of the situation. The police are training to arrest her when Goku and Krillin showing up. Not knowing the situation Goku takes out the police and "rescuse" Launch. They fly back to Master Roshi's island. Master Roshi is pleased with the boys choice and talks Launch into joining the group in a martial arts lesson. He has everyone change into his Turtle Battle Armor (Eternal Turtle Uniform), which is just frilly lingerie. Launch sneeze when a fly passes by her knows and shots up the group.


Master Roshi