Episode 16

Fing That Stone
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Roshi puts his house in a capsule and gets out a capsule for a boat. Master Roshi, Launch, Goku, and Krillin head off to a larger training for the two boys training. The land on the new island and Master Roshi sets up his house on a cliff side. Meanwhile, Goku flies are the island to look at the new place, it has a volcano, lake, mountains, and about 300 residents. Master Roshi test the boys first by having them do a 100 meter dash. Krillin runs first and is able to do it in 10.4 seconds. Goku goes next and is able to do it in 11 seconds even, but his shoes are falling apart. Aftar a quick shoe change Goku does it again, this time coming in at 8 seconds flat (8.5). Master Roshi explains to the boys that they must surpass the human level, and goes next to show them. Master Roshi is able to do it in only 5.6 seconds. Roshi is thristy after the run and ask for a drink. Krillin runs into the house to get something for him when Launch sneezes. Roshi clocks his new speed at 8.8 seconds. As the sunset Master Roshi has one last training task for the boys. He writes his symbol on a rock and throws it into the woods down below. He tells the boys that which ever one brings back the stone gets dinner and the other will go without. Goku jumps off the cliff to the woods below to find. Krillin finds the ground below is to far down and is going to take the long way around when he gets the idea to fake the stone. He brings the fake stone in to Roshi, but he knows that it is not his handwritting and sends the boy back out. Krillin is searching the woods when he hears Goku find it. He ask Goku if he can check the stone to make sure it is the real one. Instead Krillin just runs off with the stone and Goku chases after him. Goku eventually catches up with him and challenges him for the stone. Goku is able to beat Krillin and demands the stone. Krillin throws a stone back into the woods instead, but this was another trick. Krillin held onto the real stone. Goku has to go without dinner while Master Roshi, Krillin and Launch eat dinner. The dinner turns out to be fugu though and the three get food poisoning.


Master Roshi