Episode 18

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We open up on seeing Goku and Krillin going through their early morning training that we were shown in the last episode. We see a bunch of others fighters training for the tournament. We see Goku and Krillin exhausted on the ground ready for a break, but Master Roshi tells them that was only the early morning training and next they would do the morning training. The morning training is to plow a large field with only their bare hands. While they do this Roshi has a nice chat with the farmer. After they plow the field they are given a large meal to eat. During which Krillin uses too much pepper and Launch sneezes and transforms into her more violent self. Launch shoots at the other three and they run out of the house. They decide to go down to the city and eat out instead. Between breakfast and lunch is their study time, as Master Roshi believes in training both body and mind. They have rice and soup for lunch and they rest for an hour after lunch. Goku worries that while they are resting others are out there getting stronger. Roshi however, tells him that resting is equally important, and not to worry if others are training, because they will need to rest at some point too. After their rest they help with construction work on the island. They are allowed to use tools this time just not power tools. They also get paid for this work. We get to see a bit of Krillin's past and how he was treated at the Orin Temple. Next they are to do some swimming. The boys are upset that they are not being taught any martial arts, but Roshi tells them they are still to week and that he will only teach them after they are able to push a huge boulder. Krillin is shocked and does not think such a feat is possible so Master Roshi pushes the massive boulder a small distant. Goku tries with a similar sized boulder and pushes it much farther. Master Roshi tells them he was mistake and point to a boulder many times the size. Krillin ask to see him push that one too, but Master Roshi deflects by telling the boys they need to stop wasting time and get back to training. They need to do ten lapse across a large lake on on teh island. Once in the water they find out that the lake has sharks in it that they will need to avoid, and on the other side there are large dinosaurs. When they finish their laps next they train dodging. To do this Master Roshi ties them both to a tree and hits a wasps nest. They need to avoid being stung from the waps. This is the end of a days training. They are told that they will continue this training everyday until the tournament with one small change. They will do it all with a 50 pound (20 kilos) turtle shell on their back.


Master Roshi