Roshi Training Arc


Goku arrives on Roshi's island and Roshi tells him he will only train him, if he can bring a pretty girl back to the island. After two fails, another young lad arrives on the island and is sent to help Goku. They bring back Launch which Master Roshi approves of, though Launch is not a normal girl. The four of them pack up Roshi's house and move to a larger island to be trained on. Roshi's training is intense, having them deliver milk across the island is how they start there day, then they move on to plowing fields with their bare hands. They get a short break for breakfast and then it is study time. Master Roshi explains that a martial artist must be strong in mind and body. They break for lunch and an hour nap, because resting is also very important and then it is off to do some construction work. After building up a sweat through the day it is time to swim some laps, in a shark infested waters. Once they have done their laps they are tied to a tree and told to dodge angry bees. They will repeat this training every day with the addition of a 50 lb. (20 kilo) turtle shell on there back.


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