Episode 14

Goku's Rival
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  • 悟空のライバル? 参上!!
  • Goku's Rival
  • Goku heads to Master Roshi's to get the training from the Turtle Hermit. Meanwhile we see Bulma, Yamcha, Oolong, and Puar struggling to make it back to the city as a mysterious young lad makes his way across the land. Back at Roshi's, Roshi tells Goku that he will only train him if he can bring him a young women. Goku struggles to find a women that is Master Roshi's type, first bring a large body building women, then a mermaid. Just then the mysterious boy arrives on the island. He introduces himself as Krillin. Master Roshi isn't going to train him when Krillin gives Master Roshi a dirty magazine. Roshi changes his mind and tells Krillin that he must go with Goku and help him find a girl.


    Master Roshi