Episode 17

Milk Delivery
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Krillin and Master Roshi awake to an alarm at 4:30am. While Krillin gets ready Master Roshi goes upstairs to wake up Goku. To Roshi's horror Launch sleeping next to Goku has sneezed in her sleep changing into the more voilent personality. Master Roshi tries to wake up Goku without waking up Launch. Goku wakes up, but is not quiet and this wakes up Launch. Launch is angry that Goku is sleeping in the same bed as her, and shoots at Goku. (They only had two beds, so Krillin and Master Roshi had to share one, and Goku and Launch shared the other one.) Goku unhappy about this kicks her in the face and knock her out. Goku, Krillin, and Master Roshi begin there training. They start with a little jog down the road. They stop at a local's house who is getting ready to deliver milk around the island. Master Roshi talks to him about having Goku and Krillin do the delivery, but is worried about the delivery time when he tells the boys they will be running to deliver the milk. Master Roshi tells them that for the first 3 miles (2 kilometers) they will be skipping. For the next 2 miles (1 kilometers) they zig-zag in between trees on either side of the road. Krillin tries to cheat but is caught by Master Roshi and given a warning. Next they climb all the stairs to the top of a mountain to deliver the next bottle. Goku gets a quick lesson on manners at the top of the mountain. The man at the top of the mountain ask how the training is going and Roshi says he isn't certain just yet, but hopes to have the boys ready for the Tenkaichi Budokai just 8 short months away. The boys are excited about being able to enter, but Roshi tells them that they are not entering with hope of winning, only improving themselves. We then get to see Yamcha fighting an entire Dojo in West City as he also prepares to enter the tournament. We see Roshi leading the boys across a long log, then through a desert, and then across a river near a waterfall, and even being chased by a dinosaur. The boys are exhausted, but Master Roshi tells them that was only the early morning training.


Master Roshi